Boise Boarding

We are a small boarding and daycare facility located in downtown Boise, Idaho. Our individualized care approach allows us to focus on exercise and companionship and go beyond fulfilling your dog's basic needs.

Overnight care guests have the benefit of exercise and socialization tailored just for them! Whether in a playgroup with other dogs or one-on-one play time, we create a great experience for each and every dog. Your dog will love it here.


Boarding Options

Suites Include:
• daily playgroup
• comfy bedding
• fresh water
• water and food bowls

Treats (optional add-on)
In addition to meals (bring your dog's regular food), you may add:
• Peanut Butter Kong Treat: Chewing and licking promote mental stimulation and calm behavior.
• Bark Bar™ Treat: Treats are put in your dog's space while out to potty, and dog returns to a healthy snack.

Cuddle Time™ (optional add-on)
There's actually a scientific approach to cuddle time. Petting a dog in long strokes promotes relaxation and
reduces stress. We make sure your dog gets plenty 'o loving from our team each day.