Boise doggie daycare pool is making a big splash!

What a treat for Boise dogs! Now you can bring your best friend to the area's only indoor, above-ground swimming pool for dogs, filled with salt water for ease of use and healthy-skin benefits. Swimming is not only fun for your dog…but it also does great things for him. He will show improved muscular strength, while working the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.

Whether your dog is healthy and you would like him to have fun while exercising or your dog has physical health issues where swimming will help him improve range of motion, mobility, over-all body condition and lift his spirits. It’s a great feeling to watch a relaxed dog enjoying the water.



1 Swim

5 Swims $35
10 Swims $60

Who is the pool for?

If you have an older dog or a pet with arthritis, our pool is a great therapy option. It's also a fun way for all dogs to enjoy water exercise year-round (registration required). Our pool is supervised by our trained, professional staff with experience in dog water safety and designed for fun, exercise and therapy.

If you're already a client of ours, ask us for more details. If you're new to Downtown Hound, please get started by completing our online enrollment form.