About Our Training Partner

Mandie Stuhan is a graduate of the highly regarded Karen Pryor Training for Animal Behavior program. Her training philosophy is deeply rooted in Learning Theory and Ethology, the science of how animals learn and behave. Guiding pet parents and their beloved friends through the basics and into the advanced techniques of Positive Reinforcement coursework in small, intimate class sizes. With tens of thousands of hours of dog handling experience, Mandie is the best pet parent educator in the Treasure Valley, and beyond.


Mandie, Owner

Mandie has completed training under Mare Shey, CPDT (certified pet dog trainer) at Dancin' Woofs in Bend, Oregon. Her training focused on animal behavior and operating a healthy and safe daycare. Mandie has thousands of hours of dog handling experience and is an expert in managing animal behavior. She actively practices and solely supports positive training techniques.

A true animal lover, Mandie stays active in the community by assisting local dog trainers, volunteering
at local shelters, fostering dogs in need and participating in obedience and agility training with her
three rescued dogs.

Mandie holds the following certifications:
• Karen Pryor Training Partner
• AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
• Certificate of Completion: How to Operate A Safe and Healthy Daycare