Overnight Care

At Downtown Hound, we aim to provide a comfortable and loving environment. We want you, the pet parent, to be able to customize your dog’s stay, resulting in the most fun, social, and healthy experience. We are focused on sharing a spectacular staycation for your dog!

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Here at Downtown Hound in Boise, Idaho, we love meeting local pups and their parents too!
We require all dogs to participate in an initial evaluation where your dog will be tested for temperament and basic handling (paws, ears, mouth, and handling of body). Every dog must pass the evaluation to assure that they are dog and people friendly!
After a full day of play, your dog is welcomed into their own comfortable enclosure, complete with turn-down services. Your dog’s staycation can include a day at the spa, special treats, extra cuddles at bedtime, and/or an outdoor excursion. We want nothing more than to be your pet’s home away from home!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our handlers (a.k.a our Hound Hospitality Specialists) provide your furry family member caring companionship.


All day group play is included with every staycation at Downtown Hound. Your dog(s) will enjoy hours of socialization and fun playtime with their peers.

Staycation Add-Ons

Peanut Butter Kong

Add something special to snack on with a toy Kong stuffed with peanut butter to encourage chewing and licking, which promotes mental stimulation and calm behavior. This special treat is added to your dog’s suite while they’re out to potty, making coming back inside an extra delight.

Cuddle Time™

Our Hound Hospitality Specialist team features the greatest cuddlers around! Research shows that petting a dog with long strokes promotes relaxation and reduces stress (for humans and dogs alike!).


Our handlers customize walks to accommodate your dog’s age, size, and breed. Nothing beats a stroll along the river and a deep breath of fresh air!

River Walks

Come home refreshed! Our baths provide a personal, positive, and friendly experience for your dog. We work to make your dog’s grooming experience calm, with reduced stress and anxiety.

Adventure Club

These small group adventures (no more than five dogs) offer socialization and stimulation—new sights, sounds, and smells—off leash and off the beaten path! Guided by one of our expert handlers, a group of no more than five dogs will be allowed off-leash to exercise in the Boise Foothills. Completely safe, Adventure Club is a canine client favorite!
"We have noticed a huge improvement in socialization skills, and our dogs come home happy and exhausted! It is so much nicer to go out of town and know that our dogs are having a fantastic time while we're away."

- The Lamsons
Boise, Idaho

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