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Downtown Hound provides the ultimate daycare experience for dogs because of our positive, healthy, and engaging environment. We deliver an unmatched level of care with passion and professionalism.

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Here at Downtown Hound in Boise, Idaho, we love meeting local pups and their parents too!
We require all dogs to participate in an initial evaluation where your dog will be tested for temperament and basic handling (paws, ears, mouth, and handling of body). Every dog must pass the evaluation to assure that they are dog and people friendly!
the downtown hound

Our Vision

Downtown Hound is a leader in pet care. We want to create the best experience for you and your dog that is based on our values, expertise, and personal experience. We provide care that we would want for our own pets! We support and encourage continued education for our staff and community involvement (catch us at See Spot Walk!). Our authenticity is what makes us different.
the downtown hound


We care for everyone involved with Downtown Hound: you, your dog, and our staff! We believe in treating animals with patience and respect. We believe in treating one another this way too. Providing an unmatched level of care, comfort, and safety for your dog is of utmost importance to each of us. We know that the quality of service we provide is more important than the quantity of those served, meaning you and your dog will receive the best possible service. We aim to inspire and invest in our staff’s future by supporting continued education and a positive work environment. We understand that true leadership is delivered with passion and by example. We believe that our authenticity and experience makes us different from other daycare and boarding facilities in Boise.
"We have noticed a huge improvement in socialization skills, and our dogs come home happy and exhausted! It is so much nicer to go out of town and know that our dogs are having a fantastic time while we're away."

- The Lamsons
Boise, Idaho

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