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Your Dog's Day

At Downtown Hound we love to play!
We want to provide your dog with a day that is physically and mentally enriching! Here, your dog will experience playtime and exercise in our safe, open, indoor-outdoor facility.

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Here at Downtown Hound in Boise, Idaho, we love meeting local pups and their parents too!
We require all dogs to participate in an initial evaluation where your dog will be tested for temperament and basic handling (paws, ears, mouth, and handling of body). Every dog must pass the evaluation to assure that they are dog and people friendly!

At Downtown Hound, we put your dog first.

Doggie daycare at Downtown Hound offers fun, safe days of socialization with other dogs, interactions with our loving handlers, and exercise that relieves all of that energy!

In addition to hours of play, a space to relax, and ample access to fresh, clean drinking water, you can treat your furry friend to select add-on services, and join in virtually via our Live Camera!

We Offer:
Live Camera Access
Multi-Day Discount Packages
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Health and safety are our top priorities.

Our handlers are canine enthusiasts! They are trained in pet first-aid and canine behavior through The Dog Gurus, a nationally recognized leader in dog handling. Currently, Downtown Hound is the only daycare and boarding center who uses The Dog Gurus to effectively and professionally train staff to keep your dog safe and healthy.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs are naturally social creatures and regular playtime with other dogs (and our handlers) has proved to have numerous benefits that include:
Learning positive behavior (which reduces doggie mischief back at home!)
Learning to sit patiently at every gate and door
Politely greeting humans and other dogs
Increasing comfort around humans and other dogs
Developing meaningful relationships that ultimately improve behavior

River Walks

Our professional dog walking service allows your dog the opportunity to see the world, be free from fences, and have a potty break al fresco! We customize our walks to accommodate your dog’s age, size, and breed.


Play all day and come home refreshed! Our baths provide a personal, positive, and friendly experience for your dog. We work to make your dog’s grooming experience calm, with reduced stress and anxiety.

Adventure Club

These small group adventures (no more than five dogs) offer socialization and stimulation—new sights, sounds, and smells—off leash and off the beaten path! Guided by one of our expert handlers, a group of no more than five dogs will be allowed off-leash to exercise in the Boise Foothills. Completely safe, Adventure Club is a canine client favorite!
"We have noticed a huge improvement in socialization skills, and our dogs come home happy and exhausted! It is so much nicer to go out of town and know that our dogs are having a fantastic time while we're away."

- The Lamsons
Boise, Idaho

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