Opening your heart to a dog often means you find something you didn’t know you were looking for.

In 2003, as a busy professional, parent, and animal lover, I adopted Lucky, a handsome, eager, and petite Vizsla, from Idaho Vizsla Rescue. He fit perfectly in that little space under my covers at night, we loved the same ice cream flavors (which were all ice cream flavors), and his vibrant energy and beaming spirit kept me taking long walks and hiking in the Foothills, where he enjoyed running and chasing butterflies.

Vizslas are an active breed and Lucky needed regular stimulation and exercise. Because of this, I was looking for a daycare or boarding facility to keep him productive and happy while I was away. I wanted a place where the caregivers would know Lucky by name, recognize his special greeting—a squirmy, wiggly-butt dance paired with an excited whine—and ensure he was safe, active, and tuckered out at the end of the day.

After six months of not being able to find a place that was the right fit for Lucky and I, I opened Luckydog in Eugene, Oregon, and years later, in 2010, I had the amazing opportunity to share my approach with pet parents in Boise.

Throughout the journey of building both Luckydog and Downtown Hound, Lucky was my guide. His energy and exuberance inspired the best in dog day and night care: to create a space that met the individual needs of each of our furry friends.

From the energetic puppy, to the big dogs (who think they’re little) looking to romp, to the gentle middle-aged couch potato, to the senior pets who need more rest, but still want company, cuddles, and compassion, there is something for every dog here at Downtown Hound. All of the services that are offered at both of my facilities are born from my desires as a pet parent looking to provide a healthy lifestyle for my furry family. Here is how these unique services evolved.

As the years passed and Lucky grew older, his desire for daycare faded and the environment became a little overwhelming. But he still wanted to see his friends and stretch his legs, and so, Adventure Club was created. It featured (and still does feature) a small group centered on more leisurely pursuits while exploring the great outdoors. The first trip, I brought Lucky’s favorite friend, and then one more came along, and then two. On the occasions when Lucky would stay the night, I requested that the staff spend the last few minutes of their shift cuddling with Lucky, wishing him sweet dreams. Through this, Cuddle Time was established. I was sure that fellow pet parents would want the warmth of a hug and a few quiet moments for their dogs too.

In 2015, at the age of fourteen, Lucky crossed the rainbow bridge. Heartbroken and grateful for his unconditional love, I remain driven by his memory to deliver the best in dog care.

I am so proud to have been his pet parent, and our relationship allowed me to realize my true passion—working with dogs, and more importantly, working for your dog.

Lucky, and all of those who have been and will be part of the Downtown Hound family, continue to open my eyes and heart every day to the joy and love a dog brings to one’s life.

I would be honored if you allow me to treat your dog to what Lucky has inspired. I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend.

Forever Lucky in my heart,

Mandie Stuhan
"We have noticed a huge improvement in socialization skills, and our dogs come home happy and exhausted! It is so much nicer to go out of town and know that our dogs are having a fantastic time while we're away."

- The Lamsons
Boise, Idaho

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